Donald Wiggins, Chair

Donald Wiggins is the chairman of Forward Ohio. This role includes serving as spokesman and chief evangelist of the state party, representing the organization to outside media and nationally. Wiggins also serves as chief legal counsel to the state executive board. Wiggins is an attorney in the Columbus area. Wiggins holds a juris doctorate from Capital University, a Master of Public Administration from Ohio State University, and a Bachelor of Arts from St. Johns University. Wiggins was elected by the executive board for an initial five year term commencing November 2023.

Media appearances and interviews can be scheduled through


Tim Grady, President

Tim Grady is the president of Forward Ohio and leads all executive operations for the organization. His responsibilities include development and execution of Forward Ohio’s strategic plan. Grady holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics. Grady was elected by Forward Ohio membership for a two year term commencing November 2023.

Membership and other operating questions can be directed to

Jailyn Wallace, VP Strategy
Michael Gonzalez, VP Operations
Sue Miller, Membership Director
Glen Tuomaala, Strategy Director
Steve Thomas, Treasurer
Howard Ross, Marketing Director
David Lee, Technology Director
Daniel Klein, Operations Director
Erin Harris, Social Director

Exec. Regional

Ruth McLatchie, Northeast Ohio
Northwest Ohio (vacant)
Central Ohio (vacant)
Aaron K., Southeast Ohio
Matt Griffin, Southwest Ohio